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Mar 1, 2013

Version 2.10 has been released today. Head over here for the Express and Corporate Editions. ... reporting/ Please note, you will need a valid Support contract or valid v2 license key for the Corporate Edition.

Jan 17, 2013

All CereusReporting Corporate Customers which had a valid support contract on 1.Aug.2012 will receive new license files starting now.

Mar 13, 2012

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There's a new Android Cacti client coming up very soon. The client is based on a complete re-write of the nmidWebService Plugin for enhanced security and offers several new exiting features.

The nmidCLient for Android is currently in closed Beta testing. Feel free to look at the screenshots and features of the current Beta version here.


Thomas Urban
Im Holzwinkel 7
88079 Kressbronn, Germany

Phone: (7543) 609337 - 0
Fax: (7543) 609337 - 9
Products >> nmid Plugin Suite >> nmidWeb2


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The nmidWeb2 plugin for the Cacti performance monitoring tool enhances the Tree-View mode with a "Web 2.0" interface. All graphs are rendered within a protlet which can be moved around therefore effectively re-aranging the graph ordering. The position of the portlets is stored within the database on a per-user basis and restored once the specific user re-visits the tree.


nmidWeb2 Portlets

Future Enhancements

Integration with v0.8.8.


Please download the latest version from the project page.