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Apr 16, 2015

Version 2.80.85 has been released today. The new version adds compatiblity to Cacti 0.8.8c and also has several bugfixes integrated.

Dec 30, 2014

Trial Accounts are now available for CereusMonitoring. Please head over to for more information.

Dec 30, 2014

CereusAgent v1.03 has been released. This new exciting addon for Cacti allows you to create as many stand-alone pollers as you require while being able to centrally manage these.


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Corporate Edition

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Thank you for your interest in the Corporate Edition of Cereus Reporting. With the Corporate Edition you will get an enhanced PDF reporting solution for the Cacti Graphing solution system. Cereus Reporting CorporateEdition allows you to provide enhanced reporting services to your customers with customer specific reports.

Hear what our customers are saying:

I use the Corporate edition until 6 month. This is realy a usefull plugin for cacti.
My customers have now SLA graph and professional PDF report.

Support is fast, average less than 1 hour.
Finally a good reporting tool for Cacti, which works as promised.
Really really good plugin, upgrades and support always available

Single Server Edition

The SingleServer edition is restricted to a single server. It has the same functionality as the Unrestricted edition but can only be installed and run on one Server. During the order process you will be asked to provide the server data for the license.

All prices shown are excluding VAT.

Buy Corporate Unrestricted Editon ( 5299 USD )

Buy Corporate SingleServer Edition ( 1299 USD )



Cereus Reporting, Download bei heise  



Please note: Not all features are already implemented.

PDF report generation within Cacti One-Click PDF Report Generation for each Tree-View page
User selectalbe report format Each PDF Report can be customized in page size, format and orientation
Graph selection support Graphs can be selected for inclusion into a PDF Report
Boost plugin suport Support for Image Cache functionality provided by the Boost Plugin
nmidSmokeping support Include Smokeping Graphs in your PDF Reports
Option to include sub-leafs in report Include all sub-leafs ( all hosts beneath the selected entry ) in the PDF Report
Sub-title and footer customizeable Customize the sub-title and Report footer
Custom logo support Site-Wide PDF Report Logo can be set
Graphs link back into cacti Opption to link Graphs back to the graph detail page in Cacti
No "Free Version" notice The "Created with Free Version" notice is removed from the PDF Report footer
Optional custom cover page per tree Cover Pages ( custom PDF page ) can be added to a PDF Report. Tree-Wide option
Logo can be defined per tree Different Cover Logos can be defined on a per tree basis.
Send PDF report via email PDF Reports can be send using email
Schedule PDF report generation Reports can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
Save report as template On the TreeView page, the graphs displayed can be saved as template for a report, reducing the report creation effort.
User report preferences are stored Report settings like page size, orientation or format can be saved on a per-user basis. Normal users only see the PDF icon for the report generation
Graph Reports Graph reports contain graphs from different hosts. This allows for e.g. reports about all uplinkg ports of a customer
Report Archiving Reports can be archived. This is usefull for comparing reports ( e.g. June 2009 with June 2008 )
DSSTATS Support Special DSStats Reports can be created
Zenoss Report Support Zenoss Graph reports from a remote Zenoss system can be created. Scheduling is supported.
Combined Availability Report Availability reports can be generated on a per tree or leaf level including all devices at and below the selected level.

Archive Functionality

Reports can be placed into an archive store. The PDF reports are compressed and can be retrieved using the cacti web-interface from the central archive.

Scheduled reports as well as the special "graph reports" can be archived. You can give access to the report archive to your end-users so they are able to view pre-generated reports for their devices only.

The Archive feature supports multi-customer installations.

Archive Storage

How to buy

You can buy the Coporate Edition from share-it. Please use the following link to place your order:

Buy Corporate Unrestricted Editon ( 5299 USD )

Buy Corporate SingleServer Edition ( 1299 USD )


Buying Support & Subscription allows you to open tickets as well as download the latest versions of CereusReporting.

Buy Support & Subscription for CereusReporting ( all Editions )

Sample Reports

Graph Report Example DSStats Report Example Combined Availability Report
Sample Report Template Sample Report Template Sample Report Template