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Apr 16, 2015

Version 2.80.85 has been released today. The new version adds compatiblity to Cacti 0.8.8c and also has several bugfixes integrated.

Dec 30, 2014

Trial Accounts are now available for CereusMonitoring. Please head over to for more information.

Dec 30, 2014

CereusAgent v1.03 has been released. This new exciting addon for Cacti allows you to create as many stand-alone pollers as you require while being able to centrally manage these.


Thomas Urban
Im Holzwinkel 7
88079 Kressbronn, Germany

Phone: (7543) 609337 - 0
Fax: (7543) 609337 - 9
Products >> nmidClient Mobile Cacti Client


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nmidClient for Android

There's a new Android Cacti client coming up very soon. The client is based on a complete re-write of the nmidWebService Plugin for enhanced security and offers the following initial features:
  • LDAP Server support using the "MobileToken" feature
  • Username/Password is only transmitted once during a mobile session. Authentication the happens using a sha1 hashed session key
  • Specific USers can be allowed/denied usage of the nmidClient via the Cacti server
  • View Weathermap maps on your Android !
  • View Thold breaches !
  • Timespans for graphs can be changed in the full-screen view mode.
  • Create your own Favourites showing your Cacti graphs !
  • Favourites are stored on the Cacti Server and are available after phone switch
  • Tablets are supported
  • Supports nmidDynTree ( customized Cacti Tree )
  • Multiple Cacti servers supported
  • Commercial support

The nmidCLient for Android is currently in closed Beta testing. Feel free to look at the screenshots of the current Beta version: